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Batty Branches

Makes 4 - 6 Branches
Add a few bats to each branch to create your own colony!
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  • approximately 10 wood branches 3 feet (91cm) long
  • black spray paint
  • 3 feet (91cm) piece of black yarn
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • bat template


Get branches from a nice walk in the forest, and spray paint them black. You can also buy them already finished from a craft store. Tie them all together with a piece of yarn circled a couple of times around the end of the branches.

Arrange the branches into a nice “bouquet” and place them into a sturdy vase.

Next, cut out 14 bats with scissors, so you will have to print 2 sheets on a light cardboard (8 -point or thicker).

Add hot glue to the back of one bat, and stick it along a branch. Repeat this for each bat. (Add the glue as you go along so that the hot glue doesn’t dry before you get to add them.)

Add a few bats to each branch to create your own colony!

You can also punch a hole in the bats and tie them to varying lengths of string to hang from the ceiling or light fixture!


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