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Coastal Cool

Beach House
Breezy Mood

Water and big sky lover, with a preference for everything easy-going and endless summer, the Coastal Cool character seeks out airy places, full of sunlight, and above all, relaxing. As the name implies, this personality style is attracted by a beach-centric aesthetic and lifestyle.

THE LOOK | Vastly popular because of its laid-back feel, the style is not only reserved for waterside habitations but can be used appropriately anywhere. Flexible, it can be played either in a contemporary or cottage style.

HOW | Typically transitional, this style lets you blend traditional and modern elements on a canvas of soft neutrals accented by a range of water-inspired hues. Whitewashed or painted wood and natural fibers will also contribute to infusing the place with a peaceful vibe.

Beach House
Breezy Mood

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