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Create a Romantic Food Board

The Love Board... spreading romance. Romance your palate and those of your loved ones with our Love Board.
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Let’s get started!

Choosing the right elements for your Love Board can be daunting. But remember it’s all about romancing the senses. Choose things that you love. Add chocolate and fruit for sweetness. Bring a savory dimension to the board by adding wine flavored chips, pistachios, walnut halves and crackers. Choose your favorite white wine, champagne or try this vibrant sparkling Spanish wine - Fresita - it is enhanced with strawberries. It is so delicious and light!

Select cheeses that say I love you.

Variety, texture and taste are the keys to choosing the right cheeses for your board. A little decadence always adds to the moment. These are three of our favorites:

Wensleydale Cheese with Raspberry & Prosecco.
The sweetness from the Raspberries and the acidity from the Prosecco make this creamy but crumbly cheese a great choice. It’s pink and looks lovely on a white board.

Wensleydale Cheese with Triple Chocolate.
Who would think about adding a chocolate cheese to a board, let alone a triple chocolate made with dark, milk and white chocolate? It is surprisingly savory and pairs beautifully with a raspberry or two.

Délice de Bourgogne
“It tastes like heaven and spreads like butter!” This triple-cream cheese from the Burgundy region of France is best served on a crispy cracker.




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