Dress an Artisanal Table

When setting up your artisanal table, the best place to start is to look around your house. Gather your "special occasion" glassware and serving pieces. Complement the natural elements with as many "shiny" accessories as you can. Roll out the craft paper on the table (perfect for labeling each item) and begin!‍
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  • Various cutting boards
  • Gold or silver chargers
  • Gold accents
  • Wine goblets
  • Votives and tall candles
  • Sustainable flatware
  • Small bowls
  • Coordinating ornaments


Keep in mind the pattern that your guests will be following for your buffet. Start the "line" by providing a selection of plates. The napkins and flatware can be on the opposite side of the "line" to keep hands free for adding all of the goodies along the way. The goal is for your guests to "help themselves" to free you up for mingling!


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