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Pop-Up Halloween Decor

Makes 1 Spooky Scene
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  • spooky print outs
  • cardboard
  • ruler
  • knife
  • lights strand with batteries
  • glue stick
  • black spray paint


Print the 2 shapes on 11” x 17” (28cm x 43cm) cardboard. If you have to go to a Copy Center to print that size, we suggest you print more than one copy each, just in case. Cut and remove everything that is not black with a knife, sometimes using the ruler sometimes not. This will need patience and precision.

Once the 2 shapes are ready, fold the sides of the moon shape towards you leaving 2½” (6.3mm) folded on both ends. Do the same with the other shape but fold it towards you.

Assemble the piece together by overlaying the folded ends together with glue. Spray black paint on the white folds and all around the shapes if there is some white paper left.

Put the light strand in the middle of the decor.


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