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STEP 1 -CHOOSE THE LOCATION OF YOUR TREE | Choose a location near a plug socket, avoiding the need for long cords. Re-arrange furniture if necessary. Measure the space to allow for the height and width of your tree including the stand and topper.

STEP 2 - ASSEMBLING THE TREE (EVERLASTING) | Fluff the branches. Since the tree has been packed away for 11 months, it will need to be fluffed and formed to give it its full look filling in holes. Make sure to secure your tree to a wall, ceiling or window frame to prevent the tree from leaning when decorated.

STEP 3 - LIGHTING YOUR TREE | Make sure that each strand of lights works before adding them to the tree. Divide the tree into 4 triangles from top to bottom. Start at the top of the tree with the end of a strand and work your way down the 1st triangle weaving the lights back and forth in a zig-zag pattern.Make sure to weave in and out from the branch to the tree evenly dispersing the lights. Continue with the next strand making sure that all the ends are at the base of the tree ready to plug in. After lighting the tree, stand back 3 feet and squint your eyes. The lights will blur and you will easily distinguish where lights are missing and you can adjust. You need 100 mini lights for every foot of tree.

STEP 4 - CHOOSE A THEME/COLORS | Decide on your theme/color or stick to family traditions. Take stock of your elements and decide if items need to be edited or new ones purchased.

STEP 5 - BRANCHES, GARLAND & RIBBON | Before adding the garland, add“filler” branches or pics for extra volume. Use 2 strands of garland (9’) for every vertical foot of tree. Wrap ribbon around the tree, or weave it down the tree starting from the top.

STEP 6 - ORNAMENTS & TREE TOPPER | Organize your ornaments into collections. To create impact you require multiples of ornaments. Start trimming by adding these ornaments placing them evenly over the tree. Place larger ornaments deeper into the tree, and use smaller ornaments towards the end of the branches adding depth. Spread ornaments evenly and use a variety of shapes and sizes. Finish the top of the tree with a tree topper, show stopping ornament or a spray of pics.

STEP 7 - ADD A TREE SKIRT | Make sure to add a tree skirt under the tree to finish the look and hide the stand and cords. You can use a piece of fabric or tablecloth instead of a tree skirt.

Decorator Tip: Wrap a collection of faux gifts in holiday paper to co-ordinate with your holiday theme. Your tree will look full throughout the season.




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