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Pumpkin Lantern

Makes 1 Pumpkin
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  • pumpkin, any size
  • black spray paint
  • painter’s tape
  • drill with various drill bits
  • newspaper, for containing the mess


Place the pumpkin on several layers of newspaper. Using a kitchen knife, cut a large hole in the pumpkin's bottom. Use a serving spoon to remove all pumpkin flesh and seeds from inside. Save the seeds to roast later for a healthy snack.

Attach a piece of painter's tape around the stem and around the center of the pumpkin. Apply another row of painter's tape approximately 2 inches (5cm) above the first piece of painter's tape if you have a big pumpkin.

Use a large drill bit to drill holes into the pumpkin just under the top piece of painter's tape. Drill another row of large holes all the way around the pumpkin, just above the bottom piece of painter's tape. Replace the large drill bit with a much smaller one and proceed to drill smaller holes in between the large ones, all the way around the pumpkin.

Clean the pumpkin to remove excess pumpkin flesh and skin from drilled holes.

Spray paint all over the pumpkin. Let it dry. Place candles on the bottom piece of the pumpkin and put the top back.

Turn out the lights and enjoy the result!


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