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Pretty as a Paw Dog Treats

Surprise your favorite pup and his/her friends with these fetchable treats!
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  • jar (optional)
  • 5 plastic food quality bags - 12” x 5 or 6”(30cm x 13 or 15cm)
  • ribbons or tiny ropes, any colors you like
  • scissors, to cut the tags
  • hot glue or scotch tape, to stick the tag on the jar or bags
  • printable dog gift tags


Use our recipe to bake your own dog treats.

Once cooled, place as many treats as will fit into your chosen bag or jar.

Print out our printable dog gift tags.  Carefully cut around each one to create individual tags.

Cut an 8” - 12” (20cm - 30cm) piece of ribbon and place it around the neck of the jar or the top of the bad.  Tie into a bow.  

Using hot glue or scotch tape, Add a dog gift tag to each one and using a colorful marker, add the names of your favorite pups.


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